Project I Commit to Global Citizenship Education through Online Newspaper (PIGEON) is an online publication initiated by Pigeoner staff – Ms. Noemi Baysa, together with the former and current campus journalists of Malabon National High School from the Schools Division Office of Malabon City, National Capital Region, Philippines.

PIGEON supports UNESCO’s advocacy to promote global citizenship education (GCED) and sustainable development goals (SDGs). Part of the objectives of this online publication is to empower the youth with knowledge about local, national, and global issues for them to become promoters of a peaceful, just, and tolerant society.  It aims to engage students to critically think about global issues and what they could do or contribute to achieve sustainable development. Through PIGEON, the young generation will have an avenue to voice out their views and insights about these global issues.

With its editors and contributors including writers, photojournalists, cartoonists and layout artists, PIGEON delivers various articles – features, news stories, science stories, and columns; and publishes art works – cartoons, photos, and literary pieces, all of them highlighting GCED and SDGs.

Our vision

We dream of a world inhabited by people who are inherently peace-loving, just, and tolerant; who believe in the interconnectedness of all people beyond race, culture, religion, language, gender and beliefs; and who work and act responsibly and conscientiously as part of one global community.

Our mission

True to its commitment to being a catalyst for change in creating a global community and in inspiring global citizens, PIGEON upholds its pledge to perform its duty – to educate, enlighten, and empower the youth. 

The 3Es of PIGEON


THINKING. PIGEON aims to inform and disseminate knowledge about our world and community, helping citizens to be globally aware through its content.


FEELING. Through various articles and different point of views, Pigeon aims to uphold moral values and positive social attitude to further contribute in the erasure of discrimination globally.


MOVING. Through knowledge and information, Pigeon shall serve as a beacon of light, an inspiration for globally aware citizens to step up and initiate the movement for uniting our world.

Our team

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Administration Officer
Online Editorial Head
Managing Editor
Kazzandra Ysabel R. Baysa
Managing Editor
Clarissa G. Rodriguez
News Editor
Amaranth Xena Soleil Saludar
News Editor
Ma. Ferren C. Nuñez
News Editor
Joyce Ann F. Isidro
Features Editor
Juan Miguel H. VillarRoel
Features Editor
Jose Sealtiel C. Cruz
Science Editor
Naomi Hope E. Santos
Head Artist
John Adrian B. Cruz
Head Artist


Asher Ayeras
Brent Kenneth Cruz
Kyla De Silva
Dinelin Love Demdam
Beatriz Amber Espiritu
Shaira Camille Magtira
Angelo Ortea
Jessica Mary Ramos
John Martin Soriano
Rochelle Ann Tapia


Monika Castillo
Luisa Millene Inciong
Yuukee Shyro Oliveros
Lorenz Ortea


Angelica Cavile
Reylyn Erika Labarda
Ryan James Moralidad
John Vincent Obias
Princess Dhiame Rivera
Nicus Charles Villaluna


Laradel Balneg
Noel Andrew Baysa
Jessica Mae Dela Cruz
Masahiro Domingo
Andrea Patrice Espiritu
Yishai Laguador
Jethro Nathan Mañaol
Bianca Nepomuceno
Adel Mae Pilar Ochangco

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Malabon National High School
M. Naval St., Hulong Duhat
Malabon City 1470

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