John Vincent Obias


– Alcohol markers and colored pencils on watercolor paper

“I’m a queen with magic powers.”

-Queen Elsa (FROZEN)

Queen Elsa is a woman who overcame her own struggles and learned how to embrace her peculiarity. She knows that love thaws and her love for her people will always make the flag of Arendelle fly.

O’Neill (2020) published in that the highest position of executive power has been held by a woman in just 58 countries, since 1960. Sri Lanka is one of just thirteen countries that has had more than one woman in the highest position of executive power. Of these thirteen, New Zealand and Finland are the only countries to have had three female leaders, including the current Prime Ministers; Jacinda Ardern and Sanna Marin. [Read: Number of countries with women in highest position of executive power 1960-2020]

Amid the world’s battle against COVID-19, a lot of female leaders have been the subject of news stories telling how women leaders have been more successful in dealing with the pandemic.

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