John Vincent Obias


– Alcohol marker and colored pencils on bristol board

“What a body leaves behind ain’t in his pocket.

Sometimes it’s what he inspired in others.”


As a woman in the workplace, Lauren had the fit to promotion because she worked for it. Making shoes is what she does and she’s doing it with all her heart.

Women in workplace should be treated the same way as men. Equal pay for equal work should be a legal right. And not only salaries should be fair to all but even the rightful benefits that an employee should have.

However according to UN Women, more than 2.7 billion women are still legally restricted to choose the same jobs as men. In an assessment in 2018, 104 out of 189 economies have existing laws that prevent women to do specific jobs; 59 of these economies also do not have sexual harassment laws in the workplace; and in 18 economies, husbands are legally allowed to prevent their wives from working. Also, women’s salary is less than that of men by about 23 per cent.

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