GREAT-HEARTED. With the passion to help others, Shantal Lobo and Moreen Agustin created Kumáyap to aid the students who are "most affected" by the shift from traditional learning to online distance learning. PHOTO COURTESY OF Kumáyap: An E-ducation Drive

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The Kapampangan term “kumáyap” means “it’s going to be better” or “it’s going to heal.” This is the term chosen by Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) students Shantal Lobo and Moreen Agustin for their initiative to keep them grounded to their mission – “to help people heal” and to inspire people who are in “difficult” circumstances.

Kumáyap: An E-ducation Drive was established on July 25, 2020 by Lobo and Agustin with the passion and motivation to help people who are “most affected” by the transition from traditional face-to-face learning to online distance learning this academic year due to the pandemic.

Also, through Kumáyap, Lobo and Agustin planned to do more projects that involve relieving people from the “unfortunate” circumstances that they are in.

“This quarantine we can’t help but feel more and more uneasy with the news we receive every day. It feels frustrating and ironic that we can stay and eat in the comfort of our homes while others outside are starving, losing jobs, and being deprived of basic human rights. Education is a human right and not a privilege. However, since the academic system shifted to online learning, education is becoming more and more a privilege than it is a right as it continues to widen the gap between social classes. With this, we decided to do something that would positively impact society instead of just waiting for change to happen,” remarked Lobo, Kumáyap co-founder.

Because of the concerns with the current education system, Kumáyap wanted to provide gadgets to at least 50 students in Angeles City National High School as it is one of the public schools in Angeles City, Pampanga with the highest number of enrollees.

Kumáyap opted to help the students because Lobo and Agustin believe in the importance of education as an instrument of change, to improve people’s lives, and to know their rights.

“Considering the current social and political climate in the Philippines, we believe that education is an important instrument for change. Education helps us come up with ways in which we can improve our lives amidst the pandemic. People need education now more than ever to realize their rights, to know when they are being wronged, and to grow capable of challenging the odds that are happening right now especially during times like this,” Lobo emphasized.

*Interested donors and partners may reach Kumáyap through their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

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