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by Noemi Baysa

During the 4th Annual Forum on Teacher Exchange towards Global Citizenship Education held on October 30, 2020, Lim Hyun Mook, Director of Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU), expressed appreciation for the efforts of the Korea-Philippines Teacher Exchange Programme (KPTEP) Alumni Association in promoting Global Citizenship Education.

“I thank the Alumni Association for all you have done to promote Global Citizenship Education and cooperation between the Philippines and the other participating countries of the Exchange Programme,” Director Lim said in his congratulatory speech.

Organized by the Department of Education – International Cooperation Office (ICO) and the KPTEP Alumni Association, the annual forum with the theme, “GCED in Action: Innovation and Solidarity in Responding to Global Disruption,” gathered via Zoom and DepEd-ICO FB Page, officials from the Department of Education (DepEd), representatives from the Korean Ministry of Education, officials from UNESCO and APCEIU, delegates of Korea-Philippines Teacher Exchange Programme from 2012-2019, relevant stakeholders, and GCED advocates.

Director Lim also recognized in his message the role of KPTEP Alumni Association in keeping the former delegates of the Teacher Exchange Programme active in the activities of APCEIU, as well as the support of DepEd particularly in the recent survey it conducted.

“I am pleased to tell you that the Philippines has shown the highest rate of response to our questionnaire probably it is because you have the Alumni Association in the Philippines, and it has been playing a key role in maintaining and activating an alumni network. I also very much appreciate the cooperation DepEd has kindly lent to us for the survey and the video making,” the APCEIU chief added.

KPTEP Alumni Association’s Milestones

Mr. Danilo Osorio, President of KPTEP Alumni Association, presented the accomplishments of the organization to the international community in the said forum.

Osorio explained how KPTEP helped the alumni be more exposed to GCED and SDGs and reaffirmed their commitment as GCED advocates.

KPTEP implements innovative projects

From 2012 to 2019, 103 Re-entry Application Projects as a result of KPTEP alumni’s learnings, reflections, and advocacies anchored on GCED and SDGs have been implemented from schools to the communities, all of which represent awareness of critical thinking on issues like poverty, climate change, quality education and cultural differences.

The organization continues to find means to foster global citizenship and impact communities. Its goal is not just to help in shaping societies in the aspect of global competency and citizenship, and intercultural learning education but also in holistic volunteerism, reaching more people, more volunteers, more societies, and inspire more people to move and pay forward.

KPTEP impacts the world

Three KPTEP alumni made it to the T4 Solutions Challenge for the World Education Week Global Showcase of 100 Schools. Mr. Noel Sadinas from Kongkong Elementary School in Nueva Viscaya; Dr. Mary Ann Grace Dulay, Education Program Supervisor  for Curriculum and Learning Management Division in Region 1; and Dr. Chandler Ibabao, from Alem Elementary School in Apayao presented their initiatives to accelerate learning outcomes in order to inspire positive change to thousands of schools around the world.

Dr. Marco Meduranda, Education Program Supervisor in Navotas City, became one of the guest sharers for the Stories of Global Citizens’ Action for Solidarity and Cooperation during the 20th anniversary of UNESCO APCEIU. Meduranda presented his Project Glace (Global Learning through Active Citizenship Education), a teacher training program on GCED and community learning pedagogy.

Eleven KPTEP alumni were also awarded for winning in the 2020 Online SSAEM Conference video/photo challenge – Ma. Eirish Zulueta (Batch 2017), Kristine Joan Barredo (Batch 2019), Jejomar Villacorte (Batch 2019), Danilo Osorio (Batch 2015A), Catherine Bustos (Batch 2019), Shirley Alambra (Batch 2016), Noel Sadinas (Batch 2019), Julyn Guba (Batch 2015B), Melandro Santos (Batch 2016), Chandler Ibabao (Batch 2019), and Jenepil Reyes (Batch 2019).

Three KPTEP Alumni have also been selected by UNESCO-APCEIU as presenters to the 2020 SSAEM Online Conference Danilo Osorio (Batch 2015A), Melandro Santos (Batch 2016), and Ma. Eirish Zulueta (Batch 2017).

KPTEP leads programs for educators and communities amid pandemic

KPTEP Alumni Association in partnership with DepEd-ICO, conducted in May 2020 Learning Series 1.0 entitled Update, Upskill, Upgrade to gear up to the new landscape of education with the KPTEP alumni serving as resource speakers. The said series of webinar provided a platform for online collaboration among educators in the country.

Learning Series 2.0 entitled GroundED: Learning to know, to be, to do, to live together followed in October 2020 to raise awareness on SDGs and call for action, and to exchange innovative and promising approaches on how educators could address issues and fully harness the four pillars of learning in order to support the SDGs and GCED. More than a hundred thousand teacher-participants in the country and outside the Philippines participated in the said activity.

In KPTiran Laban sa Covid-19 initiative, the KPTEP Alumni Association raised funds to provide disinfection supplies for the medical frontliners who continue to in public hospitals that faced shortage in hospital disinfection supplies during the initial stage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Proj I-Konek, Mask for a Cause supported the online education of less fortunate students in the National Capital Region. Designed by international designer Jhay Layson, a KPTEP alumnus, the masks were sold and proceeds were used to buy tablets for students.

In closing, Osorio reiterated the commitment of KPTEP alumni in being global citizens.

“This unprecedented time has taught us the meaning of life and its purpose; reminded us what we are and who we are…and we are definitely citizens of this world. We are global citizens,” Osorio concluded.

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